Our sources keep telling us your sources don’t know Schad

For the last three weeks in a row, someone from ESPN – the latest, being “insider” Joe Schad – insisted their sources told them that USC would be not only receiving the findings of an NCAA infractions report but going so far as to having a press conference set to address the findings.

It follows up on this ESPN.com sourced report (linked here) that didn’t happen. That’s after a Yahoo! report back in early May (linked here) said the report was coming out. So all everyone else does — even fair and balanced Fox News (linked here) — is keep chasing everyone else’s sourced sliced baloney.


The ESPN report today about a Thursday press conference dominated some segments of “SportsCenter” — to the extent that USC finally issued a press release within the hour disputing “erroneous reports” about a press conference tomorrow.

In this continued rush to judgment and using “sources” that don’t seem to be accurate, why does ESPN and everyone else “in the know” keep tripping over itself to provide all the commentary possible on something that hasn’t happened?

Why not read the latest ESPN.com ombudsman piece on unnamed sources (linked here).

So far, Schad’s “my bad” hasn’t beed updated his Twitter account (linked here). The story remains up on the ESPNLosAngeles.com site (linked here).

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