Your ultimate Steinbrenner tribute: A ‘Seinfeld’ week on TBS

“Who else could be a memorable character on a television show without actually appearing on the show?” Jerry Seinfeld said Tuesday, after hearing the news that George Steinbrenner had died at the age of 80. “You felt George even though he wasn’t there. That’s how huge a force of personality he was.”

TBS will run 10 “Seinfeld” episodes for a week starting Monday that feature “Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David as the Yankees owner — always shot from behind, never on camera. David played Steinbrenner on 14 episodes.

The schedule:

4 p.m. : “The Opposite” – George convinces Steinbrenner to give him a job.
4:30 p.m. “The Secretary” – George finds out Steinbrenner’s secretary makes more than he does.

4 p.m. “The Race” – George heads to Cuba to recruit baseball players for Steinbrenner.
4:30 p.m.”The Wink” – Steinbrenner lists all the people he’s fired over the years.

4 p.m. “The Hot Tub” – Steinbrenner convinces George that a hot tub is the perfect way to relieve stress.
4:30 p.m. “The Caddy” – George’s father (Jerry Stiller) confronts Steinbrenner about a traded player.

4 p.m.: “The Calzone” – Steinbrenner gets the idea to put Yankees clothes in a pizza oven.
4:30 p.m. “The Nap” – George’s napping habits at work lead Steinbrenner to think he has ESP.

4 p.m. “The Millennium” – George does everything he can to get fired, but Steinbrenner loves what he does.
4:30 p.m. “The Muffin Tops” – George’s relationship with the Yankees finally ends when Steinbrenner trades him.

There are YouTube clips, of course, of the Steinbrenner episodes, linked here and here.

What about the time Steinbrenner actually appeared on the show?

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