Jimmy Johnson may not survive a return trip to the NFL Fox studios


Jimmy Johnson’s career after leaving the NFL and college football sidelines has included a nice run with Fox’s NFL pregame show, some college bowl game telecasts, an endorsment deal with ExTenZe male enhancment pills and a scam-leader with the Better Trades “options trading” company.

You could call him a survivor. Depending on his sense of convincing others he’s loyal to their needs.

That quality will be tested on the upcoming season of “Survivor: Nicaragua,” as the Dallas Morning News reports (linked here) that the 67-year-old Johnson is currently one of the contestants on the reality show shot this summer.

What’s next, Charley Steiner as a guest telling others to follow him to freedom?

The filming of the show, which started in June, is scheduled to end in time for Johnson to return to his Fox NFL job this September. That is, if he’s not been eaten by canibals, got lost in the woods or can’t avoid being arrested upon his return to find out he’s been a drug mule.

“Survivor: Nicaragua” will air on Wednesday nights this fall (switching from Thursday) and will go as scripted in past seasons — a cast of people are thrown into the wilderness with few supplies and food, told to perform tasks and stay around if they’re not voted off by their competitors. The winner will have survived 39 days on the trip and win $1 million.

Or enough to invest plenty into male enhancement magic pills.

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