The tale of the ginormous Dodger ticket scan (not scam)


From SBNation’s baseball link (linked here), via (linked here) is the story of a big Dodger fan named Jimmy Chang who got creative with how he would enter Dodger Stadium the other day.

You know how when you buy a ticket online, then print it out to use for your entrance pass? Jimmy had bigger plans when he went to the Dodgers-Mets game last Friday.

“What would happen if my ticket was 3 by 5 feet,” Jimmy wrote to Roberto Baly, who runs the VinScullyIsMyHomeboy site from his home in San Dimas. “Will they accept it?! If they do, will it scan?!?”


The answer: Yes, they’ll scan it. Then security will confiscate it.

The ticket-taker thought Jimmy was carrying in a banner, which is prohibited by stadium rules. But it wasn’t.

Jimmy explained that he works at a printing company that does movie banners. He took his Ticketmaster printout, gave it to a press man and had him blow it up real good.

“Next time, I might go bigger — maybe 5 by 8,” Jimmy added. “I guess it doesn’t matter how bit it is as long as the coder reads it right.”

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