Ted Sobel’s excellent adventure abroad


KFWB reporter Ted Sobel interviews Tiger Woods after the final round of the British Open on July 18.

Ted Sobel’s excellent adventure in Europe last week could have been better.

“If not for getting sick, it would have been really amazing,” said the sports reporter for KFWB-AM (980) and KNX-AM (1070), whose recent working vacation included covering the semifinals and finals at Wimbledon in England, the entire British Open golf tournament in Scotland and even filing a report on the Tour de France from his hotel room in Paris during a three-week stretch.


A bad cough he picked up on the first day of his stop at Wimbledon, where he interviewed Serena Williams after her women’s title, led to him visiting a hospital in Italy about a week later, which was just two days before he flew to Scotland.

Still, the trip of a sports reporter’s lifetime was worth it.

“I’d been thinking about doing this for a handful of years, and one day, after looking at the schedule, then scrambling to get the credentials, it happened,” said Sobel, who was gone from June 30 to July 20, using the days in between the sporting events to visit spots in Italy.


The highlight: During the wind delay in the second round of the British Open, Sobel said Phil Mickelson, who had just finished his round, took him aside to talk off the record about how upset he was about the stoppage of play, which could have helped him move up the leaderboard had others been forced to still play through it while he then sat on the cut line.

“It was just so funny how he suddenly started confiding in me for about 10 minutes, just venting,” said Sobel. “All off the record.”

Sobel paraphrased the story when he did one of four reports to KFWB’s morning shows, giving sports anchor Bret Lewis material to work with.

Once Sobel returned to his Sherman Oaks home in the middle of last week, the jet lag kicked in.

“I woke up dizzy on Wednesday morning, and I’m sitting up in the dark, it’s 4 a.m., I’m looking around, and I think, ‘I’m in France,’ and nothing familiar,” he said. “Then I stood up, turned on a light . . . wait a minute, I’m home.”

And after getting some sleep, he was out at Dodger Stadium that night collecting interview audio for the climax of the Dodgers-Giants series.

This week, Sobel has been filing reports at the ATP tennis event from UCLA — as well as acting as the court announcer and doing a play-by-play telecast that can be heard by spectators through a local radio feed.

“Nothing much has changed – I’ve been non-stop ever since,” he said.

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  • gregb

    I am glad to see that Ted is getting some kudos. Having known Ted for almost 30 years dating back to him doing play-by-play for Valley Cable Television (KVLY Channel 3), he deserved some better breaks in his career. But he still has the same sense of humor today that he had back in ’81. Go get’em Ted!