Reaction to Scully’s plans to come back for ’11


== Dodgers TV producer Brad Zager: “I understand what an honor it is to work with him every day and the amount of things I’ve learned over the last seven seasons is immearsurable. It’s rare to work with someone who’s unanimously the greatest broadcaster of all time, but he’s a much better person than broadcaster. And that’s not just around me, but with other broadcasters and players and production people we see in every city. The phone calls I got from everyone asking over the last few hours about his decision just shows how many millions of people he affects. (The thrill of working with) is an understatment. It’s pretty cool. It’s especially authentic to what he says when he refers to the ‘old days.’ That’s something he’s lived through, not just read about. That’s what makes him today so captivating.”


== Dodgers Spanish-language Hall of Fame broadcaster Jaime Jarrin: “I’m the happiest person in town right now. I’m so pleased Vin is coming back. He’s been a blessing for me to be near him all these years (Jarrin is in his 53rd season) in the growth of my career as an announcer. I respect him immensely.”

== Reds Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman: “There’s never been a better broadcaster in our profession than Vinny, and there never will be. He represents our fraternity better than anybody because he’s without ego, he’s nice to everybody and he’s always got a smile on his face. We’re all known as play-by-play guys. Vinny’s not a play-by-play guy. Vinny’s a storyteller.”

== Dodgers radio broadcaster Rick Monday: “It was a lot like being a kid in a neighborhood and you’re kicking on the door asking Vinny’s wife Sandy: `Can Vinny come out and play again?’ And we’re all delighted that he’s going to come out and play next year. In my life, Vin Scully has always been Dodger baseball.”

== Dodgers owner Frank McCourt: “I’m as thrilled as our fans that Vin will be returning. He is not only the greatest broadcaster of all time, but also a wonderful friend.”


== Dodgers manager Joe Torre, a former Angels broadcaster: “Aside from all the things we know about him is just the enthusiasm that he has day in and day out. He describes it like no one else has ever describe it. If you listen to a lot of broadcasts you can tell who’s winning and losing by the tone of the voice. Vinny is one of those announcers for the ages who appeals to both sides of the deal.”

== Reds manager and former Dodgers outfielder Dusty Baker: “He did confide in me and say he was (coming back) but I couldn’t say anything other than, ‘If I was Vin, I think (he’ll) stay.’ I’m so glad he’s staying. I grew up a kid (in Riverside) listening to Vin Scully every day. To me, that’s the voice of baseball. I look forward to coming here and I see him.”

== Former Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda, on his Twitter account: “I love you Vin. Thank God we have you for another year. The Dodgers and MLB wouldn’t be the same without you.”

(The Associated Press and Fox Sports West contributed to this posting)

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