The Love of an 90-footer

Again, with the help of John Brenkus’ “Sport Science” show, we wanted to get more on the background of what went into the episode last year when former UCLA star Kevin Love set what is considered the longest basketball shot ever — a 90 footer, in the airplane hanger set up in Hawthorne.

The show was trying to explain how duplicating Baron Davis’ actual made shot in an NBA game — a throw from nearly the end of the 94-foot court — is almost impossible.

The odds: 1,500-to-1. And Love, after hundreds of attempts, over four hours, he hadn’t done it. He proved the theory right. Despite his power and finesse.

“Normally, you have to create some drama, but literally this was the last shot,” said Brenkus. “He shot over and over and over. I had to tell him: ‘You’re costing me so much money. I have to pay all these people. We’ve gotta move on.’ And he says, ‘One more shot.’ And I’m on camera: ‘This is it.’ Go ahead, shoot your little shot, it’s never going in.

“He shot it and made it. We’re like, ‘Oh, my God.’ It was amazing.”

“A shot that long doesn’t go straight. The ball curves. Like every other ball. You can’t throw a ball 90 feet and have it go straight. The force it took him to throw a ball that far — I can only get it past half court. He finally hit it on the last shot. That’s when I knew this show was going well. I want to continue.”

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