In 2,047 words, how Steve Lyons spent Monday through Thursday on the current Dodgers road trip

Oregon State shorstop Steve Lyons throw to first in a game against Washington in 1981.

We’ll spare most of the mundane, but let you know there’s a link here on the Fox Sports West website (linked here), and the next-to-last paragraph reads:

I think this may be the longest and most boring blog I’ve written to date. I’m not exactly sure why I thought anybody would want to know what I do for any length of time, let alone four days…..but this is it.

And of his performance on the Thursday afternoon game for Prime Ticket:

Of the three games, Thursday was my worst broadcast. The game felt slow and kind of boring, and after three straight games against the same team I always feel like I’m repeating the same stuff about the players that everybody’s already heard. But in my business they say the audience changes about every 20 seconds…. so i guess it’s O.K.

And how the trip started Monday:

Then, at the front of the coach section, it’s all the grunts like me. Announcers (Vin and Jaime, the Hall of Famers, sit in First Class) the production people and others.

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