And aloha means hello to the Arboblog — a rePete performance awaits


You try to imagine what someone like Vin Scully, or Bob Miller, or Spero Dedes would blog about if they had the time, patience and desire to do so. You’d find out, perhaps, some interesting tidbit about their preparation. Their attention to detail. A story that popped into their head about something they remembered happening.

And then, again, there’s Pete Arbogast, for whom two sentences is enough to know that the Internet was created to give him just enough space to complete make himself look like a boob.

The USC football radio play-by-play man, entering his 10th season, has been blogging in the off season, but the posting he’s just put up on (linked here) is about as fine a start to the season as we could have expected with the Trojans visiting Hawaii for the opener on Thursday night (8 p.m., ESPN, with Mark Jones, Bob Davie, Robert Smith and Shelly Smith).

The Arboramblings are still snuck in on the Publisher’s Forum, a place for Garry Paskwietz to keep them accessable, but not advertised with a link on the cover. Meaning, you have to know where mine the gold.


Again, we’re not deriving any sick pleasure from reprocessing these, but simply astonished they’re allowed to continue. His multiple back-handed compliments, grumblings, rumor-spreading and plain jealosy is a poor reflection on him, and the program.

You can read it this Sept. 1 posting for yourself if you desire, or accept our highlights of his multiple back-handed compliments, grumblings:

He wasn’t happy with leaving late from LAX: “slightly delayed from taking off due to a late fuel truck, and since you don’t want to run out of gas on this particular flight we waited.”

He wasn’t happy with the transporation out of Hawaii: “At this end the busses all took a wrong turn en masse out of the airport but here we are in paradise.”

He’s not happy he couldn’t take his spouse with him: “almost everyone from athletic sept who could make the trip has made the trip with their spouses. What a nice perk!”

He’s not happy with the hotel: “Awakened at 6:30 by construction on a to-be major Disney resort going up next door. ”

And we’re only four sentences into this thing.


Sentence eight: “Wifi at five star hotel costs 13 dollars a day. Why is it that it is free at motel 6 though? I choose not to participate.” Then how was this blogpost sent, you cheapskate? Never mind.

We’re just glad he’s there, and there’s a season of Arboblog posts ready to reveal the good, bad and ugliness of his existence on the job.

Some other gems from past postings this summer, and we promise, we’ll try to stop, but it again is that shooting-fish-in-a-barrel, rubber-necking reflex that keeps it going:

== “If you are going (to Hawaii), don’t forget to buy your little headset radio so you can tune us in home and away with no delay. I have heard it’s 25 bucks. Worth it not to have the call come in ten seconds late. If I was a fan of football and radio (and I am) I would get one first thing. No sales plug, just a fact.”

== “I still miss the “Rewind” shows (on FSN). But then I miss Tom Kelly interviewing John McKay on Sunday’s following games on KTTV. I would do that show with Lane (Kiffin) for no money, just to have something like that back on the air.”

== “I am told of a rumor that says at least a couple of families have tried to slip in non family members by placing their names on the official pass gate list–including at least a couple of names that may or may not be “agent types”. Don’t know if it’s true (nothing surprises me any more) but hope if it is true that these families have to sit through a mandatory 8 hour class in NCAA ethics….sort of like traffic school. After that…….”


== “My legs and back are giving me some serious trouble….so I met with Dr Watkins in HH today after conferring with my friend Bryan Bailey. Watkins thinks I need an MRI on my back to confirm what he thinks is wrong based on my description. That will show how bad it is (or not). Spinal stenosis with a touch or arthritis thrown in perhaps.
Trouble is, being an independent contractor in my duties for USC football does not afford me the “luxury” of being covered by medical insurance of any kind. This could pose problems if I turn out to need surgery of some kind. My wife is also not covered, so as we progress (especially me) into our middle years, this can become a serious issue. It’s scary out there. I could use your good thoughts right about now

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  • USC’89


    Thanks for getting back to the Arblowsgast bashing. I do read PAs “blog” on for pure entertainment purposes. This guy is the ultimate stupid, shlubby, loser. How great was it that he didnt get the USC BBall play-by-play job which he believes is his birthright and desperately wanted so bad. Rory is smiling somewhere.

    I love how he complains about being poor, how expensive life in LA is, that he doesnt have health insurance for himself of his family (which Im sure they are so proud to have this loser as a husband/parent/provider) despite the fact he works a whole 13 days a year calling games on the radio for a college football team. Homeless people make more money than Arblows.

    Haden will eventually get around to cutting this loser loose. Oh, what will PA do then?