45 years ago today, two-and-two to Harvey Kuenn

There’s got to be one or two more perfect games left in this MLB calendar as we head to the final few weeks of the season.


Thanks to Howard Cole at BaseballSavvy.com (linked here), we can flash back to the one Sandy Koufax threw against the Chicago Cubs 45 years ago today — a game that incredibly also set an MLB record for fewest hits in one game.

That would be one, by the Dodgers’ Lou Johnson. Which didn’t even figure into the 1-0 Dodgers victory that happened, by the way, in an hour and 43 minutes.

So many weird numbers to note. Koufax improved to 22-7 in what would be his next-to-last season. Losing pitcher Bob Hendley, who walked just one and had one error behind him, fell to 2-3 with the complete-game one-hitter. He was pinch-hit for by Harvey Kuenn, who struck out for the final out, as you may have once heard Vin Scully describe.

If you were one of the 29,000-plus in attendance and can produce a ticket stub (box score linked here), boast all you want.

As an aside: We’ve seen the photos of Koufax holding up the four “0” baseballs after this one as he posed for photographers. We couldn’t help but noticing in some of the photos (not necessarily this one we found below, however) how dirty Koufax’s hands were — particularly his index fingers and thumbs. Anyone know if he batted with a pine-tar stick without using batting gloves? Could that have actually helped a pitcher back in those days?

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