From the man with enough Heismans that he could afford to give one away …


Former Ohio State running back Archie Griffin, who defies the odds year after year as remaining the only two-time winner of the Heisman Trophy, has registered his opinion about whether former USC star Reggie Bush should give back his 2005 trophy.

Let him keep it, Archie says.

On a Sirius XM show today, Griffin told host Gary Williams:

“Personally, I look at it that Reggie Bush won the Heisman out on the field. He was in college at the time at USC, he was playing against college competition, and the voters voted for him to win the Heisman Trophy. And it would be, I think, devastating to take it away after having won it right there out on the field.

“And I know there are some things that went on at Southern Cal, or at least seem to have gone on, but at the same time we’re talking about a college player playing against college competition, not against professional competition or even high school competition. So it was a college competition and that’s what the award is, it’s a college award. …

“My feeling is that during that season Reggie Bush played college football and he won it as a college football player and he got the vote. And, to me, that should stand.”

So maybe when the Heisman Trust gets together to discuss whether it’ll recall Bush’s trophy, Griffin can register two votes against it.

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  • Sy

    I agree. Further, it wasn’t Reggie that benefited; it was his step-father. His step-father makes a deal with his high school buddy in their living room and somehow Reggie and USC get all of the punishment. Shame on the NCAA!

    They also knew that Reggie’s heap (yes heap, it was a 9 year old car that was dirt cheap new!) was not given to him by the friends of his step-father, but by his mother and step-father. The car was well within their income as it cost about a month salary at McDonald’s. Most importantly, was not given to him in Dec. of ’04 as the NCAA claimed. He received the car (listed as the first benefit) in the spring of ’05 making the ’04-’05 USC championship fully legit. The mistake was corrected by USC, however the NCAA chose to ignore the car registration and stick with their mistake with absolutely no supporting evidence or statements by anyone. That is not appealable either – pretty disgusting!

    I’m very tired of the NCAA punishing the athletes and schools for the actions of friends and family that do not even share with the athlete. And now kids that had nothing to do with anything are being punished. Just how does that add up?