Your 2010 Hollywood Stars game — not ready for prime time, or any time


Did Tony Danza write the final stanza to the Dodgers’ annual Hollywood Stars Night?

We don’t remember a year when the Dodgers didn’t hold the event — whether it was a full-fledge star-studded affair, or a B-list of softball players looking for some publicity shots.

That’s because it’s never happened. Until this year. Which pretty much sums up the way the Dodgers’ year has been going.

When the Dodgers planned the original 52nd Hollywood Stars night for Aug. 7, they announced in a press release last June (linked here) that those participating would include Billy Crystal, Kaeem Abdul-Jabbar, Kevin James, Joe Mantegna, Thomas Jane, Jon Hamm, Rob Reiner, Garry Marshall and Sean Astin.

But then, for some reason, it didn’t happen. The team said it would be postponed to Saturday, Oct. 2 — the second to last game of the season.

With a little research, we find that (linked here) reported back on Aug. 24 that the Dodgers sent a message to ticket holders that read:

Attention Ticket Holders,

Our records show that you have tickets for the Dodgers October 2nd game vs. the Arizona Diamondbacks.

As you may be aware, the Hollywood Stars Game had recently been rescheduled to be played prior to the Dodgers and D-Backs game. However, given the short time frame allotted to plan the event, the Hollywood Stars Game has now been removed from the schedule for this season and will be re-evaluated for next year.

Thank you for your continued support of the Dodgers and we look forward to seeing you at Dodger Stadium later this season.

Los Angeles Dodgers

And with that, no game.

Dodgers director of communications Josh Rawitch said: “We had originally not put it on the schedule at the beginning of the year, but later added it. And then we found that there were operational issues that came up to cause us to reschedule it. Then, once we had rescheduled it, we had a tough time promoting it with such a short time frame so we decided to reevaluate it during the winter.”

So the team really wasn’t all that hot on having one anyway. That’s Hollywood.


The L.A. Times’ Steve Dilbeck noted that the game was called off on Aug. 21 (linked here) and included for the tombstone: “It just disappeared, kinda like Rene Russo. Killed off without an announcement, without fanfare, without a famous last scene. Died from lack of Hollywood interest. The A-list guys who used to populate the game are no more, and haven’t been for years. Maybe they all live in the south of France now.”

By the way, the Dodgers have also canceled their Sept. 17 Manny Ramirez poster giveaway promotion. Without making an announcement about it. But that’s pretty understandable.

(This photo to the right, with Louis Prima, Nat King Cole and Chuck Connors, was actually from the Angels’ Hollywood Stars night when they were at Dodger Stadium in 1964 — note the different “LA” cap).

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