The Media Learning Curve(atures): Sept. 10-17

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Honestly, sincerely, regrettably, I feel really, really bad for Inez … her last name escapes me now ….


Was she the one in the wedding dress that one year proposing to Tom Brady? Si? No? (Actually, no, that was another Inez from the Mexico TV net).

She was all over the TV and radio and Internet thing this week for something … showing up at Jets’ camp to do something …

Seduce the team? Distract the team? Call attention to herself? Make us remember her name?

Sorry, this is all like oatmeal heading for the garbage disposal.

Some can use it whatever this angle is as a launching point about women in the locker room. Was she actually in the locker room? Didn’t sound like it.


Others can use it to further their cause about what’s approrpriate attire when working as a journalist. I’m still trying to figure that out — does wearing a tight-fitted adidas polo shirt while covering a Nike team deserve a flogging?

We thought the best thing written about this was from our own Jill Painter (linked here). She’s been dumped on before while doing her job. She speaks from some experience. We can’t.

Other reporters have also written about this from a female perspective. Sports Illustrated’s Ann Killion (linked here). Shannon Owens of the Orlando Sentinel (linked here). USA Today’s Christine Brennan wants some punishment handed down (linked here). The Washington Post’s Sally Jenkins has an opinion (linked here).

Even Eric Deggans, writing for the National Sports Journalism Center at the University of Indiana site (linked here) makes great points. And another point: Is there a cultural difference here everyone’s overlooking (linked here)?

Now, who’s the boob that keeps preventing us to escape this mess and move forward? And when can we see ESPN Magazine’s nude “Body” issue that comes out Oct. 8 (linked here)?

And we’re walking into more trouble with more notes after today’s media column (linked here):


== One more quote from Don Yaeger, on how “Tarnished Heisman” was somewhat snubbed by USC (and Reggie Bush) when it came out in early 2008:

“The fact that they said the NCAA was investigating the situation allowed a lot of people (at USC) not to talk. But I did hundreds of radio shows across the country when the book came out, and the conversations I had shows that people were stunned by the level of details we had. I think the book was ignored by USC and Reggie Bush camp when it came out, but it got good play in L.A., and even better in San Diego (Bush’s hometown). In the rest of the country, they question was: What does this mean about college sports. It’s that the $100 handshake still exists, but the level of graft (Bush) and and his parents got would be hardpressed to find on a daily basis. Reggie was a unique athlete in a unique market at a unique time.”

== ESPN sends the irrelevantly irrepressible Dave Lamond and JC Pearson out to the land of 10,000 ex-Lakers to cover the USC-Minnesota college football game (Saturday, 12:30 p.m., ESPN). It goes up against Arizona State-Wisconson, Washington-Nebraska and BYU-Florida State on the ABC/ESPN family of networks in that slot. Meanwhile, Barry Tompkins, Petros Papadakis and Rebecca Haarlow have the UCLA-Houston game from the Rose Bowl (Saturday, 7:30 p.m., FSW). It’s up against ESPN2’s coverage of Texas-Texas Tech. The Bruins face the Longhorns next Saturday.
Our game of interest: No. 9 Iowa at No. 24 Arizona, with Mark Jones and Bob Davie, ESPN, 7:30 p.m.


== More on the “announcer lite” coverage that Golf Channel will give Saturday’s third-round coverage of the Nationwide Tour event (linked here).

== Jim Lampley, Larry Merchant and Harold Lederman are on the HBO pay-per-view call ($44.95) of the Sugar Shane Mosley-Sergio Mora fight from Staples Center (Saturday, 6 p.m.)

== Showtime announced a bantamweight division tournament that it will begin covering on Dec. 11 from Leon, Mexico. The group will be IBF champ Yonnhy Perez, former IBF bantamweight champ Joseph Agbeko, Aber Mares and Vic Darchinyan.

== Culver City-based Tennis Channel has the U.S.-Columbia Davis Cup match this weekend — and the last one coached by Patrick McEnroe — as Sam Querrery starts singles matches today at 8 a.m., doubles Saturday at 9 a.m. (the Bryan brothers are not with the team this time) and singles at 8 a.m. on Sunday. Ted Robinson and Leif Shiras will share play by play duties with analyst Justin Gimelstob.

== A feature slated for ESPN’s NFL pregame show Sunday (8-to-10 a.m.): Kenny Mayne has a piece called “Soft Knocks” that is described: “While Jets head coach Rex Ryan drew a lot of attention this summer for his profanity-laced language in the HBO series Hard Knocks, the Titans and their head coach Jeff Fisher were filming a similar show that is only just making its way to cable TV on ‘Mayne Event.’This week, Kenny Mayne features a special edition of the Titans’ Soft Knocks.”

== Next edition of HBO’s “Real Sports” (Tuesday, 10 p.m., with many replays): A piece by Frank Deford on the how the remains of Jim Thorpe are being fought over, Bernie Goldberg goes to a mascot boot camp, a piece by Jon Frankel on Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, and another story from Frankel revisiting a story he did on the Rangers’ Josh Hamilton.

== Fox sends L.A. San Diego-St. Louis for its MLB game of the week (Saturday, 1 p.m., with Chris Rose and Eric Karros, instead of Atlanta-N.Y. Mets and Detroit-Chicago White Sox). Sunday, TBS has N.Y. Yankees-Baltimore (10:30 a.m.) while ESPN takes Detroit-Chicago (5 p.m.)

== Your five-team United Football League TV crew for the upcoming season (again, one without an L.A. team, but one in Vegas, Sacramento, Florida, Omaha and Hartford): On Versus, Craig Minervini replaces Dave Sims as the lead play-by-play man, with Doug Flutie as the analyst, plus former UCLA star Ryan Nece and Sports Illustrated writer Damon Hack as the sideline guys. On HDNet: Kenny Rice, Paul Maguire, Ron Kruck and Paul Crane. There’s one more crew on NESN broadcast, but seriously … The season starts Saturday.



== Because you can’t get enough quality fantasy football information, Sirius XM Radio has allowed actor Jerry Ferrara (Turtle from “Entourage”) to host a weekly show that started Thursday (4 to 5 p.m.) on Sirius 211/XM 147. The press release says Ferrara, who grew up in Brooklyn as a diehard New York Giants fan, will host the show each week from Los Angeles taking calls from other fantasy football players around the country as well as do one-on-one chats with other celebrity fantasy football fans.

Actually, the only fantasy football information Ferrara could supply here is whether the “Entourage” storyline about the NFL returning to L.A. gets derailed or not.

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