The Staples Center’s new stimulus package: The Kiss-Cam just got saucier


In theory, you stay home to watch a Lakers, Clippers or Kings game on TV because the picture is better (aside from ticket prices, traffic and laziness). The truth is, in most cases, your flatscreen at home is better than your own eye sight at the arena.

Staples Center has defined an answer to that.

This afternoon, it unveils a new Panasonic 4HD eight-sided, 720p high-def scoreboard that will be used for the first time during the Kings-Coyotes NHL exhibition game on Thursday.

Staples people say it’s “believed to be the largest indoor center-hung” high-def scoreboard and video screen system “in the world.” It works off the 16:9 letterbox format, 22-feet by 14-feet LED display. With that are 13′-9” x 14′-3″ video boards that keep the score, stats and game clock.

And for those poor fans sitting courtside, there’s additional 8-foot by 14-foot LED displays under the giant scoreboard to allow for easier replay viewing.

Apparently, the photo Staples Center provided doesn’t do it justice — yet, our eyes are already glazed over. If you can afford an admission ticket, that’ll be your chance to see if it all works, or if it simply causes more stimulus overload and neurological disorder.

Not to mention when the first outlet pass from Pau Gasol to Kobe Bryant grazes the bottom of it, we’ll figure it out as we go along.

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