Coming up on another redemptive season of HBO’s ‘Eastbound & Down’

Two new talking 7-inch Kenny Powers bobbleheads produced by a company called Bif Bang Pow! are coming out in time for the holiest of holidays, one by this Thanksgiving and the other set for a Jan., 2011 delivery, available for preorder on (linked here and linked here).

Among the things one of the other will say: “You’re f__king out!,” “So that is why I’m better than everyone else in the world,” “Kenny Powers is a man, “”Kenny Powers is an athlete,” “Kenny Powers is a lover,” and “The thing that Kenny Powers is the most… is a G-dDamn champion.”



Emerging in the “darkest third-world hole” he’s ever been in — Copales, Mexico, “about a thousand, hundred million miles from where I should be” — this Stephen Janowski, expert cockfighter, finally reveals himself to the local Mexican League baseball team to be the true Kenny Powers and wants to turn his life around. Again.

“In Mexico, a man can truely get lost,” Powers says at the end “Chapter 7,” the episode that aired on HBO Sunday night and will repeat this week. “And if you’re a bankrobber or maybe someone who’s committed a f–ked up crazy crime, then that’s a good thing. But hiding takes its toll. At first you don’t realize it. but soon the identity you tried to shed starts getting pissed and knocking at your insides. You know, when dealing with deep depression and sad s–t, it’s cool to pretend like nothing is wrong. That sometimes works. But eventually you gotta call a G-Damn spade a spade — yes, I’m f–ked up and I gotta change …

“Sometimes you gotta wash away the pain and look at the world that is the jackass hiding beneath. Sometimes, I gotta get back in the game.”

That’s the essence of the launch of the second season of “Eastbound & Down” — hey, is that Pedro from “Napoleon Dynamite?”

Not to spoil anything, but here’s a gameplan provided by HBO for the coming month:


== Sunday, Oct. 3: “Chapter 8: Charros owner Sebastian Cisneros (Michael Pena) agrees to pull out all the stops in promoting Kenny Powers’ return to organized baseball, but Kenny loses motivation after learning a secret about April from an old friend.”

== Sunday, Oct. 10: “Chapter 9: Puzzled by the Mexican fans’ lukewarm reception, Kenny starts a grassroots PR campaign to burnish his image, but it takes a vintage Powers flare-up to bring the crowd to its feet. Kenny makes inroads with Vida (Ana de la Reguera) by inviting her to Sebastian’s yacht party.”

== Sunday, Oct. 17: “Chapter 10: Though Charros fans respond to Kenny, he is warned by Roger (Marco Rodriguez) about the perils of showboating. Kenny learns he has serious competition in his courtship of Vida.”

== Sunday, Oct. 24: “Chapter 11: Kenny considers a new full-time life working in Mexico.”

== Sunday, Oct. 31: “Chapter 12: Kenny settles some old scores and shows Mexico what he’s really made of.”

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