Posnanski on Scully: 4,080 words, with few wasted


There are already more than 200 comments posted on this blog offering by Joe Posnanski on his Sports Illustrated piece (coming up in a future issue) on Vin Scully (linked here).

A clip:

Vin Scully begins his stories with apologies these days. He’s reached that plateau of fame. “I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself,” he says. “I know you’ve probably already heard this,” he says. “I’ve told this many times before,” he says. It is a mark of the man’s grace that he is the one apologizing repeatedly and not the reporter who asks him precisely the same questions people have been asking for 50 years. Scully genuinely — and generously — wants to help the writer tell a good story.

“I know you’ve probably heard about the radio,” he says, and indeed I have heard it, but I ask if he will tell it again. …

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