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Made-to-order for those who missed it from today’s newspaper:


There’s, an action group simply trying to expose the flaws of college football’s Bowl Championship Series setup, filing a 27-page complaint with the IRS that details all kinds of corruption involved with all these bowl committees disguised as non-profits but profiting at the top with alarming payouts to its CEOs. And now, despite all the evidence it produces, the reaction from bowl people is predictable (linked here): They have an regrettable agenda, and they’re going to manipulate and “sensationalize” the numbers to back their cause.

There’s A.J. Green, the star receiver for the University of Georgia, finally able to play today after serving a three-game NCAA-enforced suspension because it was discovered he sold his Independence Bowl jersey to someone who apparently meets the NCAA’s definition of an agent. Green gave the money he made off the sale to charity, but the punishment stuck. And now, the University of Nebraska is in the process of selling off all 158 jerseys belonging to Cornhuskers who will play in the Oct. 16 game against Texas at an auction to benefit their own athletic department. Bids start at $250 (linked here). But they’ll take the names off the jersey before they’re sold.

There’s Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, who just signed a new contract that will pay him $1.2 million a year. That’s nine times the salary of the Ohio state governor Ted Strickland. Head football coach Jim Tressel makes $3.5 million a year. Ask one of the Buckeyes’ football players to do the math on that.

And there’s nothing disturbing about any of this? Even Erin Andrews wearing glasses while on the set of ESPN “College GameDay” to look smarter could figure out how this just doesn’t add up, eh?

== Rachel Nichols has more than 65,000 Twitter followers, and JennBrownESPN, who calls herself “ESPN Broadcaster and all around badass ;)” and just tweeted “just saw social network … it was awesome!!” has only 19,000?

== What kind of liability does Mark Dantonio bring to the Michigan State football team trying to return too soon from a heart attack?

== Why mock the NBA for making Stan Van Gundy’s wearing turtle necks instead of crumpled Van Husen collared shirts with the top button snapped off, the neck tie loosened and a couple of mustard stains visible?

== Why couldn’t escort-less Tiger Woods have brought his mom to the Ryder Cup?

== Now Matt Kemp decides he’s going to go for a 30-30 season?

== The Cubs are the one who’ll be remembered for ending the Padres’ playoff hopes?

== Whether or not you’re a stat freak, what’s the best reason not to hand Felix Hernandez (13-12, 2.27, 232 Ks) the AL Cy Young? Remember back in 1987, when 40-year-old Houston Astros star Nolan Ryan led the league with a 2.76 ERA and 270 Ks, but also had an 8-16 record — and was just tied for fifth in the NL Cy Young, which was for some absurd reason instead given to Phillies relief pitcher Steve Bedrosian (40 saves, facing 366 batters in 89 innings, with a 5-3 record)?

You’d want that vote on your conscious?

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