Those four idiotic days in October, ’04, that time, or ESPN, won’t forget


Don’t be an idiot. As a playoff primer to the MLB divisional series starting Wednesday, absorb the next ESPN “30 For 30” documentary, “Four Days in October,” set for Tuesday at 5 p.m. on ESPN.

Time, again, has a way of putting things into perspective, and this time, it’s the Boston Red Sox’s climb from a 0-3 deficit against Joe Torre’s New York Yankees in the 2004 American League Championship Series. Here, we go back to that ridiculous run that launched the Red Sox into the World Series, where they’d go on to win the unthinkable title and end the idiotic 86-year losing streak.


Remember, the Yankees embarassed their most hated rival, 19-8, at Fenway Park in Game 3. Are the “happy-go-lucky” Red Sox a “pack of frauds,” asked Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaunessey, or are they about to do something historic?

Even those who were involved in the production of the movie “Fever Pitch,” had no idea how their script would be rewritten.

Still, this documentary isn’t quite like many of the others that have been part of this remarkable ESPN Films project.

MLB Films did most of the heavy lifting with this one — yet, it’s hardly something of the propoganda you’d think would be produced with such an embedded crew helping out on this. So much of this is culled from home video provided by Red Sox players, in the locker room, on the field. It’s far from regurgitated pictures and sounds you’ve already seen but might have forgotten about.

That’s what gives this such a fresh take on a sporting event that, again, with some distance, makes it even more incredible to realize that it actually took place.

Fans of Kevin Millar, above, the one-time Hart High standout, will get a kick out of his appearances throughout — including near the start, asking Shaunessey if this “pack of frauds” description is worth eating his words once the team makes it to Game 7, where Millar suggests that even with Shaunessey playing second base, the Red Sox will win.

“If there’s a group of idiots that can do it, it’s us,” Millar says.

Day One turns into Day Two as the Red Sox trail, 4-3, in Game 4 with Mariano Riviera coming in. As the clock goes past midnight, Millar draws a walk, and Dave Roberts , the former UCLA standout who the Dodgers traded to Boston right at the July 31 deadline for some minor leaguer that never materialized, goes in as a pinch runner for him …

Yeah, you may know the rest. But pretend you don’t. You’ll enjoy it more.

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