And why can’t there be a 24/7 bowling channel?

The Professional Bowlers Tour. Chick Hearn and “Bowling For Dollars.” NCAA competition. Lawn bowling. “Strikes, Spares and Shmenges.”

It would seem to be a self-sustainable channel. Those who bowl also seem to be the kind that like to sit and watch others bowl.


Think of the ancellary programming — fashion, playing tips, travel shows, a visit to the Ebonite factory. One whole hour on what are the best oils to use on the lanes.

And “The Flintstones.” Plus, overnight, “The Big Lebowski” and “Kingpin” on an endless loop.

That dream seems to have been pushed back with ESPN’s announcement today that it renewed its agreement with the PBA through 2013. Part of that deal means the $1 million PBA Tournament of Champions will air live on ABC on Jan. 22 from Las Vegas. The event last aired on ABC in 1997.

The new deals calls for more than 20 telecasts on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2. More details are on

The PBA and ESPN go back to the network’s launch in 1979, but we all know that without Chris Schenkel and Bo Burton, all those years at ABC meant much more.

Maybe they just need more instances of women beating men in major events for them to reconsider The Bowling Channel to someday come into being.

C’mon. Roll with it.

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