Let’s get ready to stumble: The Canoga Park Backyard Brawl series, or, the stuff your kids are doing while you’re in line at CVS waiting for your perscription to be filled

Just stumbled upon these late one night during a parallel search, but the more you watch, you become fascinated not with the two latch-key kids who have nothing better to do with their time until mom comes home, but the spectators in the background who must be shouting things like, “Watch out for the hot tub!” or “Dude, you almost hit that sprinkler head!” or “When can we get a drink out of the garden hose?”

They’re the ones with the cellphones up capturing this non-sanctioned bout from all angles.

Also read the comments below in each one after they’re done to read the crowd’s scoring of the fights. Even more hilarious than the fights themselves.

Until we find new ones, here are the silliest of the 25 or more already posted:

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