Why the bat, helmet and uniform Kirk Gibson used in his 1988 World Series Game 1 feat aren’t in the Hall of Fame, and how you can own them


Heinz Kluetmeier/Sports Illustrated

Considering how much people say Kirk Gibson’s 1988 Game 1 World Series homer was so much like the movie “The Natural,” it’s natural to assume that his bat, helmet and uniform would have been donated to the Baseball Hall of Fame at some point.

Gibson, apparently, kept the items. And now he’s ready to sell.

A news conference Tuesday at the Sports Museum of L.A. will display the items and announce an auction for them taking place Oct. 27-Nov. 13.

SCP Auctions Inc., owned by famed collector David Kohler, will handle the sale of those items, as well as Gibson’s World Series trophy and 1984 World Series MVP trophy. Gibson, the current manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks, will explain what he’s doing via videotape. Tommy Lasorda is scheduled to be in attendance as well.

As for the ball that Gibson hit into the right-field pavilion, its whereabouts remain a mystery (linked here).

As for a ticket stub from the game, maybe not so tough to find (linked here):

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