As for that missing Gibson home-run ball …


Circling back for a second on the pending auction for the bat, uniform and helmet used by Kirk Gibson when he hit his game-winning home run in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series:

The owner of the ball that Gibson floated into the Dodger Stadium right-field pavilion may never come forward.

Gibson said Tuesday that “a young lady” sent him a photo claiming the ball hit her “in the inner thigh, kind of high on her skirt, so to day. … She was all black and blue. But I’ve never, ever seen the ball.” Somewhere, the picture is with his belongings saved in the warehouse in Michigan.

Aside from the near-impossible way to verify if that was the actual ball — they’ve already tried freezing the NBC TV video from the coverage and digitizing faces of those in the pavilion — you’d need all kinds of witnesses to step up as well.

For all we know, the ball is stowed away by some history-conscious fan, in a safe place, to be displayed at some day to come.

Tommy Lasorda, for one, would like to see it.

“I never saw the ball,” the former Dodgers manager admitted Tuesday. “My eyes were on (Oakland right fielder Jose) Canseco going back, going back and then his back was against the wall. That’s when I knew it was gone.”

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