As for Magic and the NFL …


During a live chat today with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on (linked here), a Los Angeles resident asked:

“Do you think Magic (Johnson) can accomplish his goal of bringing football back to LA? Is there any chance the Chargers could move. I as a chargers fan would love it.”

Goodell’s response:

“We worked with Magic Johnson as one of the potential ownership groups who was interested in bringing a team back to LA in the ’90s. He’s passionate about the NFL and certainly understands the L.A. market. However, without a new CBA, it is highly unlikely we could finance a new stadium that would be required.”

CBA? Does that mean Goodwell would rather have Magic work on getting the Contential Basketball Association on board first? California Board of Accountancy? The Commercial Brokers Association? The California Bluegrass Association? A cost-benefits analysis? The Commercial Bank of Africa? They all exist under the initials CBA, no matter what kind of collective bargaining agreement you’re trying to push.

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