With a little Luchs, R. Jay Soward gets ‘some love’ on HBO’s “Real Sports”


Former USC star receiver R. Jay Soward was one of the former college players who ex-agent Josh Luchs outed as receiving cash payments from him in a Sports Illustrated expose that came out a couple of weeks ago.

On tonight’s episode of HBO’s “Real Sports,” Soward, who played at USC from ’96-’99, is interviewed by Bernie Goldberg as part of Goldberg’s Q-and-A with Luchs.

Goldberg: “Do you suppose Josh Luchs is the only sports agent around …. see you’re smiling already, so I think you know where I’m going with this.”

Soward: “Yeah.”

Goldberg: ” … .that was paying college kids while they were playing?”

Soward: “Not at all. Not at all. I mean people are probably doing it everywhere. Somebody’s probably taking some money right now. You know, we should do a statistic on that. Every five minutes a college kid is taking money from an agent.”

Soward, who was a first-round draft pick by Jacksonville in 2000, talks about living as a cash-strapped college student who could not make ends meet based on NCAA rules and regulations:

Soward: “Funny story, me and my roommates, we had – some pizza guy just happened to be lost. And one of my roommates went up to the car and started talking to him. And I went around and I took the pizza.”

Goldberg: “You took the pizza to be wiseasses or …”

Soward: “We took the pizza cause we were hungry.”

Goldberg: “So Josh Luchs comes along and says, ‘I got money.’ You say?”

Soward: “Let me have some. I could really use it right now. Let’s show R. Jay a little bit of love.”

During an interview recently with KSPN-AM (710)’s Steve Mason and John Ireland, Soward admitted to taking money from Luchs and explained his precament of being without money, especially during the football offseason, and no little family means of having any financial support. Soward said he took the money but only spent it on clothes and food, and that his father, who worked for a grocery store wearhouse, had no idea he was doing this.

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