It’s Out of the Question: Seat-fillers are needed


Spoiler alert: USC has yet to sell out all its available Coliseum seats — capacity is 93,607 — for Saturday night’s nationally-televised, prime-time contest featuring a squad everyone without a computer believes is the bestest college football team in the country.

And, surprisingly, it’s not the reduced-to-spoiler Trojans.

Another point to shred upon lightly: For the third time in four home games, the San Diego Chargers have failed to sell out their local 71,294-seat concrete-fancy facility, resulting in a local TV blackout — which includes the L.A. market.

And one more bloody thing: They’ve exported/banished another NFL game to London this weekend, yet our version of bangers and mush — the faltering 49ers and beleaguered Broncos — will likely play before a capacity of 90,000 at the new Wembley Stadium since the last three American football games in England have been played to sellouts, even before the league pimped out uber-model Marissa Miller as this year’s game spokesbabe.

As the NFL postures about putting one of its field operations back in the greater Southern California area, does any of this factor into the fractured equation?

Are we supposed to believe that a league more deft at lifting our wallets than one of Charlie Sheen’s paid-for companions would prioritize sending one of the existing struggling franchises across the pond for season-long international exposure before it puts one back near the fountains of the Echo Park paddle-boat wading pool?

Maybe the NFL’s ability to flex its power out here is more like comparing a P90X workout with one done with a Shake Weight. But isn’t the strength of the league, outside of its TV muscle, having as many expanding rear ends in those end-zone seats as possible?

And if there remain lingering hints that L.A. isn’t ready to recommit — along with S.D.’s ongoing situation seen as a poor reflection of the state economy’s rebound — what would compel the NFL to put anything here on any kind of pseudo-fast track?


== Know any Giants fans out there who could turn our used Manny dreadlock wigs into fake beards?

== That Dave Anderson? The most marginal major leaguer who Lasorda once used as a decoy in the on-deck circle before sending Gibson up to hit in the bottom of the ninth in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series? He’s the third-base coach of the American League champion Texas Rangers?

== The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes the “world’s largest Halloween gathering” as 508 costumed folk who attended a party at a Blooming, Ind., bar last year.

A rep from the company has been called in for Sunday’s NFL game at New Orleans’ 80,000 seat Superdome, thinking there’s a chance the record will be broken there.

Doesn’t the 175,000 dressed up as hillbillies and bobbing for lugnuts on the infield at Talladega for Sunday’s NASCAR harvest festival count for something?

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