Kings channel Channel 13 to get all the games on TV this season


The Kings have figured out a way to have five games carried on Fox-owned KCOP Channel 13 this season, securing all 82 regular-season games on TV this season.

KCOP has been a TV partner of the Angels’ games for the last several season.

“Along with our partners at Fox, we have been working toward the goal of televising all 82 Kings games this season to our fans locally and this announcement helps fulfill that goal,” said Luc Robitaille, the Kings’ president of business operations.

The games added to Channel 13 that were previously not televised:

Saturday, Nov. 6 vs. Nashville at Staples Center
Saturday, Nov. 18 at Nashville
Wednesday, Dec. 29 at Phoenix
Wednesday, Feb. 2 at Edmonton
Wednesday, March 9 at Detroit

Bob Miller and Jim Fox will call the games, Steven Dorfman will produce and Mike Hassan will direct. For the home game on November 6, reporters Patrick O’Neal and Heidi Androl will also be included as if it was a regular FSW broadcast.

On that Saturday, in that TV window, FSW has a USC-Oregon State game at the Coliseum and Prime Ticket has the Clippers game in Utah.

FSW/Prime Ticket carry 70 games this season, with the other seven (including Monday’s game at Minnesota) slotted as national broadcasts or on Ducks’ alternate home network KDOC.

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Barkley on the James-Nike spot: Turrrrrible … they’re trying to hard

TNT’s Charles Barkley on LeBron James New Nike Commercial from Turner Sports on Vimeo.

Also on TNT’s NBA opening-night coverage, former Cavs coach Mike Brown said:

“I did not watch (‘The Decision’) but my young son did. I was a little surprised that he did leave. But again it is his choice. I think that people have more of problem about how he went about it instead of the actual leaving. As a former head coach, I agree with that. Everyone has a right to leave if they want to just like we (coaches) have a right to cut someone if we want to. But from the outside looking in, it could have been handled better.”

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X-rays reveal plenty: If not Gibby’s stuff, what else you can buy up to put in the TV room


In addition to the bat, helmet and uniform that Kirk Gibson wore when swatted the 1988 World Series Game 1 homer for the Dodgers, which we wrote about recently (linked here), the 1,400-lot SCP Auction ( that begins at 10 a.m. today and runs through Nov. 13 also has the following Dodgers, Angels and interesting-related things:


== A 1985 Pete Rose autographed black Mizuno “corked” game-used bat. Before the season, Rose had a box of about 30 black Mizuno bats specially made for him, ordered lighter than usual (32 ounces). As he neared the all-time hits record, the bats were labeled PR4192. One of them was found to have been corked and is accompanied by “X-ray” evidence. Minimum bid: $5,000. Item 979.

== The bat Babe Ruth used to hit his 702nd career homer in 1934, signed by Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Minimum bid: $25,000. Item 860.

== Bob Gibson’s 1968 Sporting News NL Pitcher of the Year Award. Minimum bid: $1,500. Item 966. Also his ’66 Rawlings Gold Glove Award ($2,500).

== The bat Stan Musial used in 1958 to get his 2,999th career hit, signed. Minimum bid: $5,000. Item 950.

== Thurman Munson’s pilot’s license signed on July 17, 1979, two weeks before he died. Minimum bid: $1,000. Item 910.

== A 1922-24 Ty Cobb game-used bat. Minimum bid: $20,000. Item 705. Also, a 1923-25 Cobb game-used bat. Minimum bid: $10,000. Item 710.

Continue reading “X-rays reveal plenty: If not Gibby’s stuff, what else you can buy up to put in the TV room” »

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With a little Luchs, R. Jay Soward gets ‘some love’ on HBO’s “Real Sports”


Former USC star receiver R. Jay Soward was one of the former college players who ex-agent Josh Luchs outed as receiving cash payments from him in a Sports Illustrated expose that came out a couple of weeks ago.

On tonight’s episode of HBO’s “Real Sports,” Soward, who played at USC from ’96-’99, is interviewed by Bernie Goldberg as part of Goldberg’s Q-and-A with Luchs.

Goldberg: “Do you suppose Josh Luchs is the only sports agent around …. see you’re smiling already, so I think you know where I’m going with this.”

Soward: “Yeah.”

Goldberg: ” … .that was paying college kids while they were playing?”

Soward: “Not at all. Not at all. I mean people are probably doing it everywhere. Somebody’s probably taking some money right now. You know, we should do a statistic on that. Every five minutes a college kid is taking money from an agent.”

Soward, who was a first-round draft pick by Jacksonville in 2000, talks about living as a cash-strapped college student who could not make ends meet based on NCAA rules and regulations:

Soward: “Funny story, me and my roommates, we had – some pizza guy just happened to be lost. And one of my roommates went up to the car and started talking to him. And I went around and I took the pizza.”

Goldberg: “You took the pizza to be wiseasses or …”

Soward: “We took the pizza cause we were hungry.”

Goldberg: “So Josh Luchs comes along and says, ‘I got money.’ You say?”

Soward: “Let me have some. I could really use it right now. Let’s show R. Jay a little bit of love.”

During an interview recently with KSPN-AM (710)’s Steve Mason and John Ireland, Soward admitted to taking money from Luchs and explained his precament of being without money, especially during the football offseason, and no little family means of having any financial support. Soward said he took the money but only spent it on clothes and food, and that his father, who worked for a grocery store wearhouse, had no idea he was doing this.

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The new chapter for Marion Jones


A new, redeptive book from Marion Jones, the former Olympic track and field star out of Thousand Oaks High, comes out today called “On the Right Track: From Olympic Downfall to Finding Forgiveness and the Strength to Overcome and Succeed” ($25, Howard Books, 214 pages, linked here).

It’s got all the ingredients for the network AM faux news shows of the TV world — a fall from grace, forgiveness, empathy, a life lesson. All that can be compressed in a four-minute interview.

Read the book instead. It’ll take a couple hours. Only then can you really figure out what Jones is up to with this new chapter in her life.

“I should be clear about why I’m writing this book,” she says on page 24. “If you picked it up looking for salacious details about doping and drug scandals, I guess you should put it back on the shelf. This is my story, and my story is about my mistakes, how I came to grips with them, the consequencs of my actions and how I made meaning from all of it.

“My story is different from the one you read in magazines, newspaper, tabloids or watch on a sports cable channel. My story is about confronting your mistakes, taking responsiblilty, picking yourself up, moving forward and doing what you were uniquely created by God to do.”

The book, suggested by the publishers to be filed under religion/Christian life, also has this endorsement from Jones’ idol, Jackie Joyner-Kersee: “Marion’s story is a powerful, poginant reminder to us all that being true to yourself provides the power required to achieve sucess, endure profound failure and be successful again.”

The timing of the book comes with another ESPN “30 for 30” documentary on her life story from John Singleton that debuts on Tuesday, Nov. 2, called “Press Pause.” Former Daily News columnist Ron Rapoport, who wrote the book on Jones called “See How She Runs” in 2000 (linked here) is one of several journalists included in the doc to move the story along and add their insights.

== More:

== An Associated Press story on Jones from Monday (linked here)
== A “Good Morning America” book excerpt (linked here)
== She’s signing copies of it today in New Jersey (linked here)

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