Why Eagles coach Andy Reid never made it as an NFL quarterback

From Sunday’s telecast of the Philadelphia-Indianapolis game, a clip of Eagles coach “Andrew Ried” competing in an NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competition in 1971.

Where he perhaps the biggest 13-year-old kid in the country.

Check the graphic: That’s how they misspelled his name.

Since he was from L.A. — Marshall High — he had to wear the local NFL team outfit. Because of the date given, we’re guessing this was done at halftime of the Rams-Washington Redskins game on Monday Night Football (linked here), which would explain the TV clip and the graphics. It was the last Monday Night Football telecast of the ABC season (linked here).

If he’s launching it from the 20, and it goes to what looks like the 45 (on the other side of the midfield stripe), that’s a 35 yard pass. Or, it’s 15 yards.

Roman Gabriel, Andy Reid was not.

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