Giving thanks, the 2010 list


A top 10 list for 2010’s reasons to be thankful for, from where we sit and type:

No. 10: For Vin Scully, deciding to lend his voice to the Dodgers’ soundtrack for a 62nd season, providing a security blanket for the city to cling to when the noise of the world gets too loud, and giving us at least one more year – God willing – of feeling forever young.

No. 9: Thanks to Bob Miller, another Hall of Famer, not just for his dedication to the Kings’ organization but dedication to the quality of sportscasting in the city, from nurturing the voices of tomorrow to serving as president of the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Association.

No. 8: Thanks to those who star behind the scenes and bring a professionalism to local sportscasts that raises the bar to network level – a producer like Brad Zager or Ann Beebe, a director like Doug Freeman or Mike Hassan, a statistician like Doug Mann, a cameraman like Kurt Struve or Rob Menschel, a graphics operator like Mitch Rinehart, a stage manager like Donna Moskal and Boyd Robertson.

No. 7: Thanks to game analysts — Jim Fox, Jose Mota, Mark Gubicza stand out – who teach as well as simply explain what’s going on down there.

No. 6: Thanks to those who continue to improve the technology by which we consume sports – the video streaming on our computer, watching live games with Wifi when we’re away from the TV is incredible, the ability to call up a score and stats on our phone when we’re at an outpost seemingly far, far away.

No. 5: Thanks to those who continue to be committed to sustaining the ethics and quality of journalism that can easily become collateral damage by those caught up in the advancements of technology and the advancement of information. Not every headline on a sports news site has to start with “Report: ….”

No. 4: Thanks to those who continue to make the newspaper’s sports section – the editors, photographers, advertising reps, circulation trouble-shooters and, somewhere out there, the printers.

No. 3: Thanks to those who continue to deliver the newspapers every morning, pushing forward a daily work ethic come bad weather, national holiday or personal hardship. A man like Roger Owens, the Dodger Stadium peanut vendor extraordinaire, can relate to that.

No. 2: Thanks to those who continue to read newspapers, either in print or online.

And No. 1: Thanks to the readers who take the time to drop an email of thanks after they’ve read something that touched them enough – good or bad – to respond and join in the conversation. It’s not a one-way thing here. Be interactive.

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