Cammy-Cam juice? CBS sideline reporter swallows it


There was 8:45 left in Auburn’s eventual victory over South Carolina in the SEC title game, when the CBS cameras caught Tigers quarterback Cam Newton handing a green squeeze bottle to CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson.

Moments later, she was on the air, with this scoop:

“Cam Newton having a little fun down here. He made a little mixture of his Gatorade, and said it’s ‘the ingredients of champions.’ He would not tell me what was in it, but he’s calling it ‘Cammy-Cam Juice.’ We’ll take a little taste …”

No, please don’t … what if it’s … OK …

“Not bad … A little sweet for my taste!”

Next shot is of Newton laughing hysterically, with a towel over his mouth, jumping up and down.

Judging only by Newton’s reaction, what do you think is the secret ingredient to “Cammy-Cam Juice”?

If anything, you’d think Wolfson would have learned from seeing the shots of Erin Andrews once eating a submarine sandwich on the sideline. See how long it takes for the video to go viral.

Among the tweets so far:

== ugakerri: RT @Ludakit: Cammy Cam Juice + Tracey Wolfson = The Death of Journalism. Thanks, Bin Laden.

== TheBigLead: RT @CathrynTusow: 75% of Auburn’s female students have agreed: Cammy Cam juice, “too sweet for my tastes”

== bradhandwwltv: RT @WhitlockJason: OMG, where is the producer to stop sideline reporter from drinking “cammy cam juice” on TV? Seriously. Someone at CBS …

== mattlindner: how long til we see “Cammy Cam Juice” in convenience stores throughout the south? tomorrow? this Thursday?

== MikeLengel: Careful people, that Cammy Cam Juice costs $180000.

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