It’s Out of the Question: What’s wrong with the Bowl Cuban System?


Why has the rejection of Mark Cuban trying to fix the BCS system turned into a mini Cuban Dismissal Crisis?

The billionaire maverick simply says he’ll his load up a bank account and then let the NCAA work out a 12- or 16-game college football playoff system.

Make too much sense already?


Pac-10 chief Larry Scott says this plan is doomed: Tuition-strapped schools, especially those in the state tax-payer systems, simply aren’t going to be swayed by cold, hard cash.


“It’s a mistake to assume the impediment to a playoff is money,” he insists. “This is about a broader set of priorities benefiting schools and student-athletes.”

Bill Hancock, the BCS cartel’s current director of operations and, apparently, oxygen deprived from all the sand he has been eating since his head seems to be buried in it, adds: “Given how much support our current system has among university presidents, athletic directors, coaches and athletes, I don’t think any amount of financial inducement will make people abandon the BCS.”

When did the NCAA ever turn down greenbacks?

Or decide it the best interests of the student-athletes was a top priority?

Apparently, the BCS bozos assume they can print enough funny money with their own system in place – one that allows TCU and UConn a spot at the adults’ table, while the remaining house of cards celebrating the consolation prizes brings more headlines lately for languishing ticket sales and D-list title sponsors?

It’s not like Cuban doesn’t have other socially conscious objectives on his agenda. With the Super Bowl coming soon to his homedown of Dallas, he has given the city $100,000 for a graffiti clean-up program.

“It’s the right thing to do,” he said.

So is NCAA taking him up on his offer and cleaning up its corrupted system that merely sends bowl CEOs on all-expense paid trips to Tahati.

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