Your eBay holiday bargain of the week: 33 Dodger bobbleheads for $1,250

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Or best offer?

It’s a posting by someone named supermexxicn13, a top-rated seller with hundreds of previous sales. And he’s got every Dodger bobblehead given away at Dodger Stadium over the last 10 years.

By it now for $1,250 (an average of $37.87 a statue). Or make a more normal bid (linked here).

Shipping is free.

If you need a checklist, here it is:

Tommy Lasorda 4/4/2001
Kirk Gibson 6/9/2001
Fernando Valenzuela 7/29/2001

Paul Lo Duca 5/31/2002
Shawn Green 7/18/2002
Hideo Nomo 8/24/2002

Eric Gagne 5/2/2003
Brian Jordan 7/1/2003
Fred McGriff 9/12/2003

Eric Gagne 4/30/2004
Don Newcombe 7/23/04
Don Drysdale 8/20/2004

Cesar Izturiz 6/1/2005
Jeff Kent 9/29/2005

Ron Cey 6/2/2006
Fernando Valenzuela 6/23/2006
Steve Garvey 7/28/2006

Nomar Garciaparra 4/26/2007
Rafael Furcal 7/6/2007
Russell Martin 8/2/2007
Tommy Lasorda 9/14/2007

Joe Torre 4/25/2008
Takashi Saito 6/5/2008
Brad Penny 7/25/2008
Joe Beimel 8/21/2008

Casey Blake 5/20/2009
Manny Ramirez 7/22/2009
Matt Kemp 8/19/2009
Manny Ramirez 9/16/2009

Andre Ethier 5/18/2010
Jonathan Broxton 6/8/2010
James Loney 7/20/2010
Matt Kemp 8/17/2010

Not included: The Dodger Dog Bobblehead, which goes for $30 in this eBay auction (linked here)

The dates for the 2011 bobblehead giveaways:
May 17
June 1
June 14
July 7
July 26
August 9

Keep up with all that is Dodger bobblehead at this site (linked here)

And where to find that Dodger bobblehead T-shirt above (linked here)

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