RB5, and more justification for DN Sports Person of the Year deal


A reader writes to complain:

“Let it be known that the L.A. Newspaper Group selection of Reggie Bush as its sports person of the year, should also rank at the top of the worst decisions of the 2010 sports year. After reading your story I can only describe my feelings as complete and utter disgust.”

It’s one of many common sentiments we’ve have land in our in-box over the last couple of days, since our story on Dec. 31, ’10 (linked here) announced that Bush, the former USC tailback who set off a domino effect on USC’s football program, was our Sports Person of the Year. He fit the definition.

For what it’s worth: Bush was named No. 8 on the USA Today list of the Top 100 Sports Figures of 2010 (linked here), only topped by Tiger Woods (at No. 1), LeBron James, Michael Vick, Brett Favre, Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger and Rex Ryan.

Sounds like we kind of nailed it then, right?

Other names of note on the USA Today Top 100:
12. Kobe Bryant
15. Phil Jackson
26. Lane Kiffin
27. Jim Gray (our No. 1 in the annual dubious dozen of the sports media)
31. John Wooden (voted our top story of the year)
44. Evan Lysacek
51. Zenyatta
67. Pete Carroll
74. Frank and Jamie McCourt
76. Gilbert Arenas
79. Landon Donovan
90. Ron Artest
95. Pat Haden

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