Coming Friday: The start of the 19th annual best/worst of L.A sports media … complete with a shrimp running on a treadmill to the Benny Hill theme song

It was the last thing Brian Kamenetzky pulled up on his laptop before we left the ESPN Radio studios over at L.A. Live and headed over to Staples Center for the start of the Lakers-Cavaliers game on Tuesday.


“Have you ever seen the shrimp on the treadmill to the Benny Hill theme song?” he asked.

Hmmm. No, but I’m sure I’m about to.

Cue the 1 minute, 29 second video.

“Guess how many views it has,” Andy Kamenetzky asked.

“A hundred thousand?”

“One point three six … million,” said Brian.

How strange, I wondered, having just finished a Caesar salad with shrimp at the ESPN Zone hours earlier.


And with that, the interview with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky, whose “Land O’ Lakers” blog (linked here) has taken off into a weekend radio show, a regular podcast (or, podKast as the station calls it) and chat, and a Facebook post-game show, has some to a ending like no others.

The Brothers Kamenetzky just might have a corner on the market for multi-media double-helix platforms. It’s in their DNA.

Andy and Brian are two fresh new faces to the annual Top 10 list of L.A.-based sports talk show hosts (while honorable mention a year ago). There’s another newbie in the Bottom 5 this year — anchoring the list, no less. Not to give any hints, but we’ve maxed out on all the others who could be there, then picked this host who already has us punchdrunk.

With that, the first of the four-part annual series arrives, followed by the TV anchors/reporters, the game analysts and the game play-by-play men. If only this blog and website would allow readers to submit their own ideas, thoughts, and complaints about the guys we rank…

Prepare to be dazzled.

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  • SportsRadio101

    Beto Duran? Really Tom? I’m sorry but the guy is terrible on the air and cursing in Spanish on his twitter page not smart. The list reveals how much mediocrity there in L.A. Sportsradio. I do agree Lee Klein is missed and how much did Joe McDonnell pay you and Bill P. to be his agents? He is not missed.