It’s out of the question: A pause for college football’s end-of-year hotflash


The afterburners of Auburn’s college football championship run have smoldered into a pile of Phoenix ashes, and the degrading All-Star game rituals, impersonal NFL pro camps and head coach cash grabs at the expense of their unpaid players are on the horizon. So what’s the bitter BCS aftertaste we’re left with before we refocus on college basketball’s march to more mayhem?

How many unnecessary hot flashes do we have to suffer during the sport’s latest menopausal cycle? In going through another big change and watching the Pac-10 take the early lead in acting like a bunch of pack rats, hording as many mom-and-popgun programs as possible to stretch its time-zone muscle and boost its own TV network Q-rating framework, does everyone really pad their financial portfolio as a result? Or will the bottom line be that everyone ends up fat and unhappy, with expanding-rear-ended fans confused as to which team is in which gluttonous conference, and watching the game collapse under its own girth?

Because four schools in the SEC have claimed the last five national championships, is that such a skewed-up thing? Would you be saying the same thing if it were five Pac-10 schools?


How much can Ohio State’s Terrell Pryor get in the open market for a Sugar Bowl championship ring?

Which icky coach (Idaho’s Robb Akey?) went against the rules of the USA Today Coaches’ Poll and gave his first-place vote to Texas Christian instead of automatically tabbing Auburn (like the other 56 did), making the Tigers’ championship non-unanimous? And can you blame ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit voting TCS No. 4 on his final AP ballot, with one-loss Oregon and Stanford ahead of ’em?

How would USC have done against Oklahoma State in the Alamo Bowl, and would more than 5,000 Trojan fans have been compelled to fly to San Antonio to witness it?
Was Norm Chow really the problem?

Do players from Miami of Ohio really wear Bowl title T-shirts?

Fair or unfairly, will Auburn’s Nick Fairley fare as well as another BCS title-game hero like JaMarcus Russell? Will Cecil Newton be his agent, too?

And when does the BCS Title Game finally come up with a real bowl name? Like, the 36 Days To Prepare Bowl?

== If Jessica Alba and Rhianna end up getting the prime camera time at more Clippers than Lakers games each season – whether or not LeBron James is also in the building — would that signify a significant shift in star power?

== What was it again that LeBron tweeted about karma?

== Knowing that the Seahawks already poop-bombed the Bears on Week 6 in Chicago, sacking Jay Cutler six times in the process and holding them to 0-for-12 on third-down efficiency in sunny and 61-degree weather, how do Pete Carroll’s Starbuckers react now to a prognosis of cloudy, possible snow and sub-20 temps (and a wind chill of 10)?

== Logging more complaints: What’s the benefit of seeing the court through the trees again on the new Oregon home basketball floor? Or is it a case that the varnish still hasn’t dried in the middle?

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