The Tao of Vin Scully II: Ken Levine

As a professional play-by-play man, what can you learn about your craft simply by listening to Vin Scully today?


== Ken Levine (linked here), current KABC-AM “DodgerTalk” host, former play-by-play man for the Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres, and set to call 30 games for the Mariners this season:

“What young broadcasters should take from Vin Scully is his humanity. Scully never forgets that these athletes are human beings. When a rookie shortstop makes an error, instead of just ripping him, he’ll project what it must be like to be 21 years-old, playing in front of 50,000 people, and the pressure he must be under.

“Scully will dwell on what’s going through a pitcher’s mind standing all alone on the mound or the emotions going through a young player’s head knowing his whole family is in the stands. This can translate to any sport. Approach your broadcast with humanity.”


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