The Tao of Vin Scully IV: Matt Vasgersian

As a professional play-by-play man, what can you learn about your craft simply by listening to Vin Scully today?


== Matt Vasgersian (linked here), play-by-play man for the MLB Network after a run with the San Diego Padres (2002-08) and Milwaukee Brewers (1997-01):

“That’s actually a topic I’ve though of in the very terms you describe a number of times. Those of us in the business acknowledge Vinny to be great, but why? Which of the many things he does so well impress on me?

“The first thing that sticks out is that Vinny is never caught saying or doing anything that he would be OK with going out on the air. No grumbling, no attempted humor between the truck that could be misconstrued by someone .. no compromising moments. Why? Because he’s never off guard.

“And while I know he has his moments where he doesn’t love the travel, the direction of the team or the shenanigans of an overpaid, disinterested right fielder … he never even comes close to letting his viewers know.

“There is a reason he’s so trusted too — because he shoots straight all the time. Vin has the ability to never candy-coat one way or raise an indignant fist the other way, yet still convey his sense of who is playing the game the right way and what we the viewer should think is important.

“And from a personal standpoint: In an industry of blowhards who are convinced that their celebrity is on par with those in uniform, Vin Scully, the biggest celebrity of all, continues to serve as the common man who is just happy to be at the ballpark that night. There is a huge lesson there for all of us.”

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