The Tao of Vin Scully XV: Larry Kahn

As a professional play-by-play man, what can you learn about your craft simply by listening to Vin Scully today?


== Larry Kahn (linked here), a former play-by-play man on USC football, basketball and baseball, as well as Angels baseball, who started the Sports USA syndicated radio network and does primary NFL broadcasts:

“I think that biggest thing that I learned from him is the fact that you should speak to the listener as if he or she is sitting right next to you. You have to understand that these people are inviting you to be a part of their lives for that three-hour period — or whatever amount of time it may be, longer or shorter. That means not lecturing, not acting like you know everything and they know nothing, but basically just describing and explaining what you see and trying to not only give them the mental picture, but making them feel as though they are there with you watching the game.”

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