The Tao of Vin Scully XVI: Mario Impemba

As a professional play-by-play man, what can you learn about your craft simply by listening to Vin Scully today?


== Mario Impemba (linked here), the former play-by-play man for the Angels (1995-2001) who has been with the Detroit Tigers since 2002:

“I have two that I think are important:

“No. 1: No one in the business is better at humanizing players than Vin. He has a way of making those that play the game become regular people, not just athletes or robots. He does an amazing job of flushing out personal information about players that makes you feel like you actually know them. He also is able to keep it fresh which is tough to due when you play a three or four game series or you play a team 18 times a year.

“My first year in Anaheim I would tape his broadcasts of the Freeway Series games to see how he approached the broadcast and to try to learn from him. The one thing I realized is that he knew more about Angels players and their backgrounds than I did. It was embarrassing and it opened my eyes as to how the best prepare every night.

“No. 2: His command of the English language and his grammar. Too many announcers today are more interested in catch phrases, slang and pop culture references than actually using proper English. He is uncompromising in his delivery and I respect his work because of that. He has the ability to be entertaining and yet not butcher the English language.

“One final thought. Vin has a deep knowledge of the history of the game that comes from his 60-plus years of broadcasting. That is an advantage for sure, but it doesn’t mean that younger announcers can’t study the history of the game to expand their knowledge.”

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