Spoiler alert: A first look at the Jerry West statue outside of Staples Center


The official coming-out party for the Jerry West statue permanently on display outside of Staples Center near the Team L.A. Store won’t come until Thursday afternoon.

But when we happened to be walking past the spot this afternoon. And happened to see workers setting this new piece of artwork in place near Wayne Gretzky, Magic Johnson and Oscar de la Hoya. And happened to pull out our cell phone camera and snap a shot, in the presence of security guards protecting whatever they protect.

Imagine that.

Not quite the pose of the NBA logo that we imagined — he’s driving to the basket with the ball in his left hand, but not so upright. But moments after we took this, the statue was wrapped in black covering — the rain was coming and going, and it’s not likely not to be revealed officially for another 48 hours.

The public is invited to the 5 p.m. ceremony, hosted by Jim Hill, with the official unveiling at about 6 p.m. The 14 foot bronze statue of West on the granite pedestal weighs about 1,500 pounds. It was created by Julie Rotblatt Amrany and Omri Amrany, who also did the statues of Gretzky, Magic (17 feet tall), De La Hoya (14 feet tall) and Chick Hearn (16 feet and 5,000 pounds) that are in front of Staples Center on Chick Hearn Court.

FoxSportsWest.com will do live streaming of the ceremony on its website.

Meanwhile, workers were also putting new banners outside Staples Center in preparation for Sunday’s NBA All-Star game:

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