Sager and Bieber: An TNT All-Star moment


AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

East’s Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic shakes hands Justin Bieber, with encouragement from the Chicago Bulls mascot, during the first half of Sunday’s NBA All Star Game at Staples Center.

A snapshot of Sunday night’s NBA All-Star telecast by TNT, at the start of the second quarter, as the West holds a 10-point lead in the annual exhibition against the East:

TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager, dressed as Liberace, sits courtside next to pop star Justin Bieber and has a conversation so engrossing they have to show the live game on a split screen.

Dirk Nowitzki misses a shot that goes out of bounds.

Two questions in, they “flash” back to Beiber’s “performance” in the celebrity All-Star game.

Sager: “Don’t you gotta go to school or anything?”
Bieber: “Uh, yeah, I have school, but it’s the weekend.”

Sager: “You’re now 16 … you have a driver’s license?”
Bieber: “Dude, I do have a driver’s license … and I have a car in Atlanta.”


LeBron James misses a 3-point attempt.

Sager: “You get an allowance, gas money or anything?”
Bieber: “Not really an allowance, but a limit …”

Blake Griffin makes a twisting hook shot to give the West a 12-point lead.

Sager: “Who’s gonna win the MVP of tonight’s game?”

Jalen Rose misses a shot.

Bieber: “I don’t know … they’re just having fun with it. …”

Chris Bosh misses a tip. Kevin Love rebounds.

Sager: “Kobe your favorite player?”
Bieber: “Kobe is my favorite player but tonight …”

Nowitzki misses a jumper.

“Tonight, if the Lakers were playing, I’d be going for Kobe.”

Russell Westbrook makes a tip-in as the West goes up by 14.

Interview ends. Reggie Miller wonders aloud if Sager was trying to be Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes.”

Only a minute and a half of game action was gone, but it seemed like 60 minutes.

And sadly, to that point, it was highlight of the telecast.

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