The Domino effect: More Barkley anchovies of wisdom


If Domino’s can create a form where anyone is allowed to rate their performance on the pizza boxes, why can’t we do the same and rate the Fats Domino of College Basketball, Charles Barkley, whenever he’s asked to break down a game during the NCAA tournament?

Prior to today’s Duke-Michigan game on CBS, studio host Greg Gumbel says: “The question before the group: what does Michigan have to do to beat the No. 1 seed in this region?”

Greg Anthony and Rick Pitino chime in about the need to shoot the 3-point shot well, and Kenny Smith touches on beating Duke off the dribble and have the guards fill the lines.

Barkley: “Michigan too young to beat Duke. Way too young to beat Duke.”

Gumbel: “I ask you how you’re gonna beat ’em and you say they’re too youn…” cut off by the commercial. Intentionally?

After Duke’s 73-71 win on Morris’ missed drive in the lane for Michigan:

Gumbel: “As we take a look at that last play, Charles what did you think?”

Barkley: “Well, I don’t know what the kid was thinkin’ in that situation ….
Oh, you mean over here, I’m sorry … uh, this was a good play. I think … the kid thought he had a layup and he kind of pulled up. Just a good shot. It was a great game… very impressed with Nolan Smith. He was the best player on the court. Let me tell you, those guys on Michigan, I thought they would wilt in the second half but they played terrific.”

Hold the anchovies, and extra baloney.

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