It might be the greatest sculpture of all time (made from a bunch of punching bags)


Across the street from Staples Center, where statues already exist of Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Wayne Gretzky, Chick Hearn and Oscar de la Hoya, this one will l be erected in Nokia Plaze at L.A. Live on Friday, nearly three stories high …


A bunch of balloons caught up in some scaffolding?

A rainstorm?


Wait, those are speed bags like you’d find in a boxing gym …

Count ’em: 1,300…

Still not sure? Walk around to the front and …


Well, I’ll be dipped in clay, it’s Muhammad Ali.

The artist Michael Kalish strung the whole thing up — it’s called “reALIze” — with two miles of aluminum poles and five miles of cable. And it’s yours to admire until April 9 before it starts on a nation-wide tour.


“I have a good relationship with Ali’s family,” Kalish told ESPN The Magazine about how the sculpture came about. “When I mentioned my idea for ‘reALIze’ to is wife, Lonnie, she loved it. Then it was a matter of finding the architects, engineers and designers necessary to bring it to life.”

Where does it go from here?


“I want it to tour the world,” Kalish said. “There’s interest in bringing it to London for the (2012 Summer) Olympics, and I’d love for it to get to Zaire. he’s such a beloved figure; this needs to travel.”

The architectural firm of Oyler Wu Collaborative helped Kalish put together this 360-degree sculpture.

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