Norm Macdonald, on Kobe Bryant: ‘He was referring to Thai referee Pheoh-Kaeng Phe-Ghat’

It’ll be on tonight’s latest episode of “Sports Show With Norm Macdonald,” the Comedy Central’s new series that goes about as far as Jon Stewart does on “The Daily Show” or Daniel Tosh does with “Tosh.o” when it comes to pushing envelopes and bending language in the cause of laughing at things that actually happen.

In fact, when riffing about the Kobe Bryant homophobic slur caught by TV cameras last week, neither Macdonald nor Comedy Central does what many of the other sports and news show did — it shows an unpixilated Bryant mouthing the words so viewers are able to see his lips move.

In this case, the Macdonald show audience actually laughs, and then it gets far more loose with the language:

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