About this group that wants to make a citizens arrest of the Dodgers…

No idea is good enough to keep to yourself. Or claim your own. Once it’s out there, ownership in a concept is secondary to who acts on it sifrst.

As for a group called Own The Dodgers, they have a name, a website, and the ability to send out press releases.

A group of Dodger fans who are bent on buying the team and running it in the same way the NFL’s Green bay Packers do things launched a website — www.ownthedodgers.com — and are releasing information on how to buy stock in the team.

If, of course, it was for sale.

“This would constitute a bid that was 100 percent owned by the fans of the team,” said Stanley Stalford, chairman of the organizing group to buy the Dodgers, in the groups’ first public statement. “We understand that the MLB would need to change its rules, but the Dodgers have a history of doing things their own way and our message to the Commissioner would be to give the fans a chance.”

Last October, after the Daily News wrote a story about how the Dodgers fans should file for divorce from Frank and Jamie McCourt and, as part of the agreement, take custody of the team, L.A. City Councilwoman Janice Hahn issued her own press release and wanted to champion the cause.

Here, apparently, is the first evidence that someone’s interested in organizing, with 13 people “put in place to help steer this effort on the web, in the media, on the legal landscape and the financing involved beginning to put this unique bid in place,” according to their statement.

Stalford, who owns Stalford Homes, is joined by attorney Richard Mendelson (DLA Piper Los Angeles Office), CPA Barry I. Goldstein (Kellog & Anderson, CPA), Albert Kam (of the Hawaii Collegiate Baseball League), Nelson Silver (chairman of Avon/Rent-A-Truck),
Charles Frank (The Box Media), attorney Lesa Slaughter (the former Chief of Staff of former L.A. mayor Richard Riordan), Stephen White (the former president of New World Features), attorney Robert Burke (Bob Burke and Assoc.), Christopher Colella (the chief operations officer of Wedbush Bank of Los Angeles), H. Eric Shockman (California League of Conservation Voters) and Carmen Rosenzweig (a former producer for ABC News).

Their mission statement: “Here is our opportunity, as Dodger Fans, to take TRUE ownership of the team. We propose public ownership of The Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Club. The Club would be run as a Non Profit — much like the Green Bay Packers. We are in the process of building our Organizing Committee, and drafting the details of the Public Offering. Please Join Us! THIS IS THE FIRST PHASE — We have to show thousands of names in support of the Bid! To show your support today, please register below ! We need YOU! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH — This is OUR TEAM, and this is our TIME TO SHOW IT!”

As we all know, the more capital letters and exclamation points you can use, the louder it sounds to the prospective stock buyer, causing them to act impulsively and sign in without considering any ramifications.

We aren’t going to throw water on the idea. We just like some credit where it might be due (or a free stock certificate, like the one we’ve already created) linked here).

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