Does Barkley get the final word on the Lakers’ early exit? Why not


The Associated Press
Phil Jackson’s children watch the final minutes of Sunday’s Lakers-Mavericks’ Game 4 in dallas.

Charles Barkley was wrong again.

Against almost every other TV talking head, he said the Dallas Mavs would beat the Lakers in six games during the Western Conference semifinals.

He was two games off.

We’ll give the TNT studio analyst the parting shot after Sunday’s Game 4 embarassment:


On the series: “The Dallas Mavericks just kicked their ass, plain and simple.”

On the incidents involving Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum: “This is a dirty play [Odom blindsiding Dirk Nowitzki]. I have to blame [Dallas head coach] Rick Carlisle a little bit. Dirk Nowitzki should’ve been out of the game after that play. If I’m Rick Carlisle why do I have Dirk Nowitzki in the game at this time [with a 32 point lead]? Andrew Bynum has to be suspended.”

On Pau Gasol’s futility in trying to guard Nowitzki: “Nobody can guard that guy. (The Lakers lost the series) because they couldn’t guard Dirk Nowitzki. What happened is they played [Lamar] Odom. The Lakers have one of the worst benches in the NBA and it killed them, and it was evident today. Compare the Mavericks’ bench to the Lakers bench.”

On the Lakers’ future: “I don’t think they should disband the team. Think about it, Kobe, Gasol, Bynum and Odom. Clearly, they’ve got to get some split speed because of those guys, Kobe’s the oldest one. They’ve got no quickness. And they need to address their bench. Their bench is no good. They’ve got to get some perimeter speed and they’ve got to finish their bench a little bit, but other than that, I think they’ll be right back there next year as one of the better teams in the NBA.”

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