It’s Out of the Question: Tiger has some explaining to do


It would be a weak-knee, jerky response to start speculating what’s major-wrong with Tiger Woods.

So here goes . . .

Will he ever compete again for a major rager?

What major endorsement deals will collapse on him next?

Does he have enough juice to even get a cameo in the next “Major Payne” movie?

Don’t stop there. What about the other major issues that smack into his clubface.


How in the name of Eric Gagne to you explain the coincidence that Tiger’s body parts, and his mental approach, and his on-course game are crumbling simultaneously?


Of the doctors he says he’ll confer with before he plays again, will one of them be that noted Canada-based blood expert that he’s used in the past but can’t get a license to practice in the U.S.?

Is bad karma a glitch?

== We’ve been told that the Fiesta Bowl reportedly generated $15 million in revenue last year, yet the NCAA decided that a $1 million fine was appropriate punishment for all the junk that former CEO Jim Junker got buried under during his unethical administration of funds.

The NCAA also directed all that penalty cash be directed to local Arizona charities.
Stopping short of punting the entire bowl out of the BCS lineup, what do any of these actions taken do to serve as a deterrent for the corrupt business practices from ever happening again?

I’ve got a Pasadena non-profit with designs of reaping some Rose Bowl-type windfall. Should my strategy now be to figure out ways of enticing this kind of rogue behavior from the guys in the pink sports jackets?

== It may seem kind of Pfund to watch all these darts blindly thrown in the reporting of who could be the next Lakers coach – the names range from Jeff Van Gundy to the late Butch van Brenda Kolff.

But no Del Harris?

== When does the announcement come that Blake Griffin will be honored with the NBA’s Kia Comeback Player of the Year, which can go right next to his Wrangler Rookie of the Year honor?


== Dodgers left-handed reliever Hong-Chih Kuo is on the DL with performance anxiety issues. Milwaukee Brewers left-handed reliever Zach Braddock has been on the DL with a sleep disorder.

And you wonder what keeps big-league managers up all night?

== When does Don Mattingly realize he’s the best hitting first baseman left on the Dodgers’ current roster?


== Journalistically, what would upset ESPN’s Erin Andrews more – that was included on the latest Maxim magazine’s list of the “2011 Hot 100,” or she only came in at No. 91?

== Dennis Rodman made it to his 50th birthday. Surprised?

== Of all the internal-bleeding injuries that a UFC mixed-martial artist could possibly disclose as a reason to back out of a match . . . diverticulitis?

From taking too many dives?

== With the plethora of TV talking heads now labeled as an “insider,” who among us is honestly left on the outside anymore?

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