Does anyone at KTLA remember that Harmon Killebrew used to work for the station?


Apparently not, although that’s obviously not the first thing you’d think of when constructing an obituary on the Hall of Fame slugger from the Minnesota Twins, who lost his battle with throat cancer today.

The remembrance of his life on the website (taken from sister media partner Los Angeles Times, linked here) mentions: “Killebrew retired after playing with Kansas City in 1975 and spent several seasons as a broadcaster, most of them with the Twins.”

But one of them was with the Angels. On KTLA. In 1983. With the late Bob Starr. Killebrew was with the Twins’ broadcast from ’76-’78, with Oakland (as a broadcaster and hitting coach) from ’79-’82, and then back with the Twins from ’84-’88.


And despite what many say, Killebrew wasn’t the model for the MLB logo. But you’d have a tough time convincing us of that (even after the guy who designed it in 1969 says it’s not true, linked here). He also told David Davis for his piece in the Washington Post the same thing long ago (linked here).

Meanwhile, check out this link to Killebrew’s other connection to the Angels — a 522-foot homer that he hit off a knuckleball from the Angels’ Lew Burdette on June 3, 1967 at the old Metropolitan Stadium in Minneapolis. Although Ross Newhan says it was 570 feet (linked here) and the seat was green.

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