It’s Out of the Question: Kareem’s bad dream

When does the statute of limitations run out on when a statue can be built for someone?

Or does Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have to get arrested before the world ends today just to get the Lakers’ attention?

The NBA’s all-time leading scorer, six-time MVP and owner of six title rings decided to take some giant steps over the last few days to expose himself.

Stephen Colbert? The “Today” show? Apparently, Rachel Ray and “Judge Joe Brown” were already booked.


He’s telling everyone without trying not to sound as surly, bitter, jaded and detached as usual that when he got word recently about being next in line for a bronze replica outside of Staples Center, he wasn’t going to hold his breath. It’s based on the way he says he’s been treated by the organization over the last decade.

As if those running the franchise don’t have enough to fret about as they seek a new head coach (Kareem’s not in the conversation), reconstruct a team that’s just been embarrassingly swept out of the playoffs (with Kareem’s former protg, Andrew Bynum, putting the exclamation point on it) and wondering if there’ll be a work stoppage (without residuals from “Airplane!” to fall back on), the Captain’s latest public tour of frustration makes for some interesting reflection.

After all, he’s right.

The man who once had a street named after him outside the Lakers’ old digs at the Forum feels as if he’s been dumped in a back-alley dumpster.


The man who once had a place in the Hollywood Wax Museum is burning the candle at both ends now trying to get the public on his side.

Who’s to argue with the merits of his resume?

Tell your old man to drag his legacy up and down the court for 48 minutes.

It’s just that his method of his campaigning pretty much underlines why the big sourpuss doesn’t have one by now. Not at Staples or UCLA. Or even Power Memorial High in New York.

He’s gotta clean his goggles and take a different view of this.

What’s to stop him from commissioning a statue for himself? He can pose for it. He can plant it in the yard himself. He can even hand out complimentary polishing cloths to fans that happen to pass by and possibly gaze at it.

L.A.’s downtown pigeon population would endorse it. They may be too timid to land on the shoulders of Magic Johnson, Jerry West and Chick Hearn. But a higher-than-thou view perched atop the @KAJ33 sky hook is prime real estate.

Just watch out for the droppings below.


== What could Jerry West possibly gain for his front-office legacy by joining the Golden State Warriors’ front office as a paid advisor? Is he getting some bad advice?

== The Dodgers could use a left-fielder with some power, poise and personality, and Milton Bradley was just released again by the Seattle Mariners. Who’s game?

== Not that Andre Ethier should be finger-pointing, but is he missing the big digital, easy-to-email picture?

== Kirk Gibson, who’ll be part of the upcoming MLB All-Star Game in Phoenix as a coach (thanks to his manager role with home-team Arizona), is the only winner of a regular-season MVP award (Dodgers, ’88) who was never voted onto an All-Star team?

== Was it worth it, Lance Armstrong? Do we believe the bike messenger, or the message?

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