Another Leykis update: Could it be a moot point?


One more day of playing phone tag with Los Angeles Police Department officials has resulted Tom Leykis still stalled in trying to contribute $50,000 to the reward money put up for information leading to the arrest of the two primary suspects in the Brian Stow-Dodger Stadium parking lot assault on March 31.

Could it all be too late?

Following Sunday morning’s arrest of “primary aggressor” Giovanni Ramirez, it was revealed that the tip came from a parole officer talking to an ex-con. Another male suspect remains at large, as does a female suspect who drove the two from the scene in Lot 2. Reward money may not be paid to a parole officer in a case like this.

Leykis touched base today to say that LAPD spokesman Lieutenant Andy Neiman reached out to him Monday to further discuss terms of an agreement that would have Leykis put his contribution into escrow and have him acknowledged as joining the Dodgers, Giants, L.A. City Council, County Supervisor Mike Antonovich and Stow’s ambulance company in putting up a reward that is now listed at $200,000, but they have failed to connect yet.

As a result, Leykis has delayed rescinding his reward contribution.

Meanwhile, the Stow family announced today (linked here) it filed a civil suit against the Dodgers seeking unspecified damages to cover Stow’s future medical care.

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ESPN book author actually went on ‘Mike & Mike’ to discuss?


Considering the content of “Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside the World of ESPN” by Jim Miller and Tom Shales, which hits book stores today, you’d think that ESPN would try to stiff arm any kind of publicity on it.

Go figure that ESPN Radio’s Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, who had Miller on their show this morning. They must have come out on the clean side.

Since we missed it, we’ll take a Sports Business Daily report of the conversation, where Millers said that people want to know “who you are and why you do the things you do and more importantly, how’d you get so big, how’d you get so successful. … The goal of the book is really to answer some of those questions, give people a sense of what happens behind the scenes for you guys and answer that central question: How did this all happen? (It’s) not a particularly sexy answer.

“There were some really smart guys in the ’80s who put together a financial model where you have two strings of revenue. You have advertisers and you also have cable subscribers.”

Miller said the “question (after 32 years of ESPN existence) becomes almost now, are you too big? … “I think that’s a justifiable question that your competitors ask. Is there an unfair advantage? And I think that there’s a lot of jealousy or bitterness amongst the competitors because you guys have the kind of dominance that you do. …

“In many ways you guys are a big, huge part of any equation. We’re a couple of weeks away from Switzerland and everybody’s talking about whether or not you guys are finally going to get the Olympics.”

The SBD also includes a brief review from’s Richard Deitsch (linked here): “Those who work in the business of sport “will devour the book,” but the casual sports fan “is likely to find certain parts tedious.” The “biggest criticism is the sheer size of the narrative.” Still, these are “small quibbles, because the reader is ultimately granted the kind of behind-the-scenes access that sports media junkies are rarely given.

Miller also did a Q-and-A with SBD’s John Ourand:

Continue reading “ESPN book author actually went on ‘Mike & Mike’ to discuss?” »

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What do you really think of those %&*# beach balls?

This is from the lasted newspaper ad from the 99 Cents Only Store, acknowledging the fact that those who purchase their beach balls (and there’s no limit on the number you can buy) and then smuggle them into Dodger Stadium may not be the most popular patrons.
Is it worth calling the police?

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Ruggiero learns diplomacy on the fly


President Barack Obama couldn’t bring Olympics back to the U.S., but maybe Angela Ruggiero can, writes Neal E. Boudette in a story posted by the Wall Street Journal (linked here).

Ruggiero, who grew up in Simi Valley learning to play hockey and has become a four-time U.S. Olympic women’s team member, was picked last year as one of 12 elected members on the International Olympic Committee’s athlete’s commission. The eight-year appointment also makers her an IOC member.

Last September she was named to the IOC committee evaluating sites for the 2018 Winter Games. Several weeks ago, as the athlete’s commission was choosing a location for its quadrennial forum scheduled for this fall, Ruggiero presented the USOC’s pitch for Colorado Springs, Colo., and prevailed.

As she continues to stay in shape to make the 2014 U.S. team in Sochi, Russia, Ruggiero says she thinks she’s up to helping her country back to a place of greater influence.

“I’m a multi-tasker. I love to have a lot of things going on,” she said. After pause, she added, “I see how important it is if the United States is ever going to host the Olympics again.”

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Leykis update: Deadline pushed back to Monday; news of suspect in custody is ‘nice to see’


An update to Friday’s story from the L.A. Daily News (linked here):

Tom Leykis, the former FM-radio shock jock who has been trying to contribute $50,000 to the $200,000 total reward money offered by the Los Angeles Police Department for information that leads to the arrest of two suspects in the Dodger Stadium beating off San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow, says he has pushed his deadline to 5 p.m. Monday in light of some progress.

Leykis, frustrated so much in his efforts to get his money in the pool along with the Dodgers, Giants, L.A. City Council, County Supervisor Mike Antonovich and the ambulance company that Stow works for that he threatened to rescind the offer at 5 p.m. last Friday, said an LAPD media relations representative contacted him over the weekend on behalf of police chief Charlie Beck and discussed a letter of agreement that could facilitate Leykis’ donation.

Meanwhile, Tony Perez, the communications manager for L.A. Councilman Ed Reyes’ office, said Friday that because current law is unclear whether the city may apply private donations to aggregate its reward offers, a new motion has been raise by Reyes that the City Attorney “be requested to report on the criteria and mechanism for applying donations from private parties towards City reward offers.”

Passage of that resolutation could take more time as it is examined by budget and finance committees.

“So far, this hasn’t been resolved, but at least we have had a productive conversation,” said Leykis, who says he is willing to put his $50,000 reward offer into an escrow account and work out an agreement that his contribution will be acknowledged as part of the reward total.

As for the news Sunday (linked here) that the LAPD has detained a suspect in the Stow attack, as well as other people for questioning, Leykis said: “It’s nice to see that. That’s good news. I don’t think anything here will be a happy ending, but if justice is served, that’d be a good ending.”

Detective PJ Morris, the lead investigator in the case, is one of 17 detectives investigating the case. The department says it has received more than 500 tips from the public.

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