More crack reporting on the Scully Walk of Fame star


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Pull away the plywood and carpet and . . . Vin Scully’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame isn’t what it was cracked up to be.

But the fix is in.

While the Hollywood Historic Trust/Friends of the Walk of Fame is in the process of raising money to make some $4 million in repairs to the hundreds of sidewalk plaques that have been punished over the years by traffic wear and tear — not to mention an illegal red carpet from the Vogue Theatre and Department of Water and Power construction work that has had it covered recently — the repairs needed to fix the star dedicated 29 years ago on this date to the Dodgers’ Hall of Fame broadcaster are considered less urgent.


Ana Martinez of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce says the overall walk’s restoration project will start in about two months, with the stars that could cause pedestrians to trip and fall given the higest priority. Scully’s star, however, could take as long as two years to get around to, based on the list of others in more dire need of work.

Meanwhile, Glenn Mingay has stepped up to the plate.

A Southern California native who now works in downtown Chicago for a company that manages parking facilities decided to spearhead efforts to raise the $2,500 that is said to be enough to cover the cost of repairing Scully’s star sooner rather than later.

Mingay is in the process of setting up a website — — and is accepting pledges as an email address he just established ( Mingay put up the first $100, and he says that he’s about $1,900 away from the goal already by just contacting close friends.

Martinez said that when the money is raised, the Hollywood Historic Trust will direct it toward Scully’s star. And any additional money that Mingay raises, he says, will go toward the Bryan Stow Fund, to help the Giants fan recently assaulted in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after the March 31 opening night game.

Mingay said he was one of the many Dodgers fans who called the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to complain about the treatment of Scully’s star when word first came out about it in late May on the blog But rather than just add to the noise, Mingay decided to do something about it.

“With all the things going wrong with the Dodgers now, here’s something we can control,” said Mingay, 36, who grew up in Torrance, attended Bishop Montgomery High School, and lived for a time with his parents in Camarillo before moving to Chicago to reconnect, and marry, his first real girlfriend 15 years after they had split up while at Ball State University in Indiana.

“I grew up listening to him for so many games — if there was a Dodgers game on TV that he wasn’t doing, I’d turn down the sound and listen to him on the radio, just like Chick Hearn. So I just thought maybe I could do something about this. We can’t have his star tarnishsed with everything else going on. So if I could help raise money for this, I’m in.”

The next thing Mingay knew, he was emailing friends, seeking their help, and receiving their assistance.

“My wife is looking at me now like I’m some kind of idiot, but it struck a chord with me,” Mingay said. “I rarely get involved in anything like this. You’ve just got to love sports, and Vin, to do this. He’s such a gentleman and such a big part of everyone’s life. I just want to give back to the man who has given me so much. And I hope other fans feel the same way.”

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